Sunday, October 2, 2011

Scout and Amy: Ox Still Growing as He Nears Age Two

At 23-months of age Scout the Ox has graduated from a broom-handle to a shovel-handle. See Training Aid.

Less than two-years ago he rode home in Amy's lap. See Scout in Amy's Lap
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Trish said...

Amy, I LOVE your blog, and love seeing the updates about Scout! I followed Orlin Ostby on his adventures, and even spoke on the phone a bit to him about it. Haven't gotten over to his place yet, alas. My partner Bill and I live on a small homestead about a mile from Carpenter's Corner, not far from Viking. We discovered the Pembina Trail you show on your September video and other old parts and traveled on them via truck. I'd MUCH prefer your method...I got a BIG kick out of seeing Scout bum a drink...LOL

LTD said...

Thanks Trish ---

Actually I discovered this portion of the Pembina Trail on your Prairie Woman blog. You mentioned traveling home on it after the Chautauqua French Festival last year.