Monday, July 26, 2010

Dog Creates Lots of Little Pieces

My dog Harry’s propensity to eat inappropriate things about the size of a bar of soap has its precedents. (You may have noticed a lack of original photos lately?)

While I was here at the keyboard, Harry was under my chair chewing on his dog-bone. When Harry’s chewing on a bone that’s a very good thing.

After further inspection, however, I discovered Harry’s bone was my Nikon 560 camera. My second Nikon 560 camera — he ate the first one too. He didn’t actually eat them — just left lots of little pieces on the floor.

Maybe I need to try a different brand of camera.


Red River Ox Cart and Driver

Older horses were sometimes used to pull
the Red River ox carts.
Photo by Canadian, pioneer photographer C. W. Mathers
circa 1891 - 1907
The Pageant of America Collection
Stephen A. Schwarzman Building. Fifth Avenue at 42nd Street. New York, NY

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The Perfect Prairie Vehicle - Winnipeg Free Press

There is a nice photo here of a contemporary solid-oak Red River ox cart driven by members of the Red River M├ętis Heritage Group. The story shares interesting history about the Metis people. Click on the link below --- LTD