Monday, September 6, 2010

Ostby's Oxen Pum and Kin Plowing at Western Minnesota Steam Thresher's Reunion, Rollag, Minnesota

Pum and Kin on the Way to the Field

Orlin Ostby Oversees the Plowing

Don't worry boys. . . .you had half-a-days work done,
before they got all those harnesses untangled.

Christopher Guides the Team

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Turning the Sod

Throwing Their Shoulders into the Yoke

The Plowman Works as Hard as the Ox

Job Well Done!

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Ostby's Oxen: Every Ox Needs a Superhero

Every Ox Needs a Friend

One Hefty Yoke

Pum and Kin Take a Break

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Worlds Shortest Oxen Video

Orlin Ostby's oxen ready to plow at Rollag Steam Threshers Reunion, 2010.

Orlin Ostby's Teamster, Christopher Ostby, Turning the Oxen While Plowing

Christopher Ostby turns the oxen on the headlands while plowing, by tapping the off ox with his whip while slowing the nigh ox. Video was taken at the Rollag Steam Threshers Reunion, 2010. The oxen are Holstiens about seven years old; their names are Pum and Kin.

Orlin Ostby's Teamster Keeps the Off Ox in the Furrow While Plowing

Christopher Ostby keeps the off ox in the furrow while plowing at the 2010 Rollag Steam Thresher's Reunion near Rollag, Minnesota. These are Holstien oxen about seven years old pulling a walking plow: their names are Pum and Kin.