Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Our Doggy New Kitty

Sherry went to be with our daughter and the new grandbaby and came home with a new kitty. "Sophia" makes it into the Ox and Dog Blog because she was an orphaned kitten raised by a dog --- along with three puppies.
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Sophia spies a big, hairy hidebehind.
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Harry the Hidebehind

When loggers failed to return to 19th century logging camps, the hidebehind (C. silvestris palinensis) was sometimes believed responsible for their disappearance. Although large enough to drag its human prey to its lair, it was capable of quickly hiding behind trees when someone looked in its direction. This illustration from the book Fearsome Critters (1939) looks a lot like Harry.

Yoke Gets Finished

Putty nail holes (Yoke is made from used lumber).


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At the End of the Rainbow.

photos by sld
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Scout in fine form.
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Temporarily abandoned beside the road is this boat on steel wagon wheels, one of which had come undone. Judging from the (black) sign, the wagon wheels, and the spelling,  I suspect it may belong to one of the German speaking Amish families who live south of us.

Scout gets another break at water's edge.

Home again, Hannigan.
photo by sld
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Yoke Headlights

Upcycled Bicycle Reflectors
(up·cy·cle [uhp-sahy-kuhl] Where old products are given more value not less.)

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