Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Broomhandle Ox Training Aid

Scout the Ox tends to follow too closely when on the lead rope, sometimes bumping into me with his horns.

I have screwed an eyelet into the end of a broomhandle, and snapped a double snap from the broomhandle to the chain on Scout's halter; this replaces the lead rope. Now I can gently control where he walks in relation to me. When he's pulling his cart I can keep him far enough out-to-the-side that the cart doesn't bump into me; when he is walking behind me, such as single file through the woods, I can maintain a safe walking distance from his horns. With a firm grip on the handle I recieve fair warning if he lunges.
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Red Sonja said...

I might use this idea with Little Bit - the only goat we have that was notdebudded as a kid. She likes to get too close on a lead rope as well, and those horns can hurt.

LTD said...

Great! Send me a photo if you try it.