Monday, March 26, 2012

To Make a Single Ox Yoke, Part 3

The Ox Yoke Pattern

While sketching the pattern for the new ox yoke, I have used the old yoke as a guide to size the pattern. Of course I have enlarged it to take into account Scout the Ox's growth.
Pattern-making for ox yoke, front (head) facing side
The cardboard pattern represents the critical measurements. I will streamline the yoke later.

Pattern-making for ox yoke, rear facing side
There will be one pattern for each face of the yoke. The three dimensional aspects of the yoke will be free-handed in during carving.
Single ox yoke pattern

The cardboard spacer between the two patterns was the natural fold of the cardboard box. It will help me visualize the depth of the yoke. (I considered making a 3D model but that would be too time consuming.)
Cutting out ox yoke cardboard pattern.

Cutting out the pattern.
Folding ox yoke cardboard pattern.
Folding the patterns together and making adjustments to get everything symmetrical.
a.) Fitting ox yoke pattern on single ox

Trying it on for size.
b.) Fitting ox yoke pattern on single ox.

Minor adjustments made.

c.) Fitting ox yoke pattern on single ox.

With a good fit we are ready to transfer the patterns onto the front and back of the wood block.

Coming soon --- preparing the wood block for carving.