Monday, June 6, 2011

Oxen Training: Ground Tying the Single Ox

Here's another job where the ox has replaced my small tractor on my very small farm. I'm using the dirt from gopher mounds in the pasture to fill low spots in the yard and garden. The problem with this kind of work is that the ox being a grazing animal wants to keep stepping forward to the next best thing to eat. Out of necessity I learned that if there is nothing to tie him to, I can tie him to the pull chain or the wagon. If he attempts to step forward his nose chain snugs up around his nose.

Adjusting Hitch Point on Adjustable Ox Yoke

It's been in the news that oxen are replacing tractors due to high fuel costs and farmers are turning to YouTube to learn how to drive the oxen! I just heard it on the radio.

Well here it is. I used to move the hayfeeder with the tractor but now it is a job for Scout the Ox. This video clip demonstrates how that the longer the pull chain the greater the likelyhood that the yoke will not stay in place. It also demonstrates how adjusting the hitchpoint will affect the proper functioning of the yoke.

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