Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bennett Buggy a.k.a. Anderson Cart

The Anderson Cart employed a bit more ingenuity than the Bennett Buggy. A classy little horse-drawn cart was fashioned from the axle and wheels of an automobile. The Anderson Cart was named after J. T. M. Anderson who was Premier of Saskatchewan during The Great Depression and The Dirty Thirties. Like the Bennett Buggy the Anderson Cart was an invention of necessity. When the funds to operate and maintain gasoline powered automobiles dried up -- along with the crop-lands --- it was a practical solution to the powerless piece of iron and rubber sitting in the driveway. Many of the farmers would have still owned the horses and oxen with which they had worked their fields; the animals were a ready source of power.

The Glenbow Museum Photo Archives (link here)
Title: Misses Wiccombe and Phelps, Mildred, Saskatchewan.
Date: [ca. early 1940s]

The Glenbow Museum Photo Archives (link here)
Title: Bennett buggy cart, Collholme, Alberta.
Date: [ca. 1934]  Remarks: Cart on front axle of automobile.
 R.A. Trogen and aunt from Ontario, Mrs. Rita Kump.

Encyclopedia of Saskatchewan
An Anderson Cart in Limerick, Saskatchewan, 1933.
Courtesy of Garrett Wilson, Regina, Saskatchewan.
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