Saturday, March 20, 2010

Riding a Steer?

From the book
The Dark Continent: Africa, the Landscape and the People
Hugo Adolf Beratzik, ethnographer, 1931

There really are people who ride steers and they’re not all as exotic as this man! Riding Steers Forum is a place where these people go to talk and learn.

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When The Wolf Cometh

John Leighton, (1822-1912), Illustrator
When the Wolf Comes
 The Oxen Leave Off Fighting to Unite in Self-defense
 by Jacob Cats (1577-1660)
Not long ago, some oxen of our herds upon the moor, in furious fight among themselves, as oft I've seen before, were suddenly surprised to see some wolves, which, crouching low, were stealing on the herd to strike an unexpected blow.
Like magic, all at once, the internal feuds and bloodshed cease, as though the common danger had subdued them all to peace: and quick, as if impressed with all the folly of their strife; made sensible that Union alone could save their life.

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