Thursday, April 7, 2011

Deutsch Reitkuh! German Girl Goes Off-Road With Her Cow

Video: Somewhere with Elly and Luna

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There are a number of other home videos of Luna here: Lunschen1. Congratulations Regina on your achievements with Luna. Do you really want a horse???

Regina Mayer und ihre Kuh Luna

Regina Mayer and Her Cow Luna.

Two readers, Leauxra, and Bitzi, sent me reference to the above recent general interest news report. Thanks readers!
Reitkuhenergie! (Riding cow power!)

Kuh Luna als idealer Pferde-Ersatz

The cow Luna is an ideal replacement for a horse.

Very nice photos here! Click link below to view:

Ox and Dog: Crossing the Flooded Plain

Reminiscent of conditions travelers may have encountered crossing the Red River Valley on unimproved ox cart trails, Scout the Ox and Harry the Dog take the snow-melt in stride.  Here they are with me, skirting the edges of a low spot in the trail as evening falls, April 2, 2011.