Saturday, March 10, 2012

Ox Yoke Hardware

Larry Cooper of Gulland Forge has followed my ox and dog blog for several years. I received the following note from him:

March 21, 2012
I'm a blacksmith who is also interested in oxen. Let me know if I can help with hardware in any way. 
I love your blog.
Cooper's interests include draft oxen and mowing with a scythe. Check out his website below.

The Gulland Forge Broadfork

March, 23 2012 
Thanks for sharing the link to my site. We make only broadforks right now, but our plans are to expand and begin to make many more hand tools as well as oxen and yoke hardware. 
You have been so innovative with your homemade adaptations and careful study of the ox that I really admire what you are doing and as a board member of the Midwest Ox Drovers Association, I sincerely appreciate the exposure you have given the ox. The relationship you have with Scout (and Harry) is inspiring and beautiful to see. 

Keep up the good work. 

Gulland [link to blog]

Plowing Snow With a Team of Oxen

Oxen Plowing Snow
(source unknown)

These oxen had their work cut out for them after a March snowstorm plugged the road. It looks like the kids were along for the ride, or maybe to weigh down the front of the wooden snowplow. The man guiding the plow was getting in shape for spring fieldwork --- for sure!
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I'm Dreaming of Spring --- or of an Oxcart on an Island in the Middle of the Mediterranean Sea

 A Sicilian Oxcart
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Ice Harvest Poster

Food Relief Poster 1910-1920
Library of Congress
Help in the harvest. Ice is needed to save food for the starving people of the world.
Put your oxen to work!
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Ice Harvest: A Cool Occupation

Ice Harvesting Tools
Harvesting the River
Minnesota Ice Harvest
original photo by
Charles A. Zimmerman (1844-1909)
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Harvesting Ice with Oxen

If you don't have your ice put-up yet, time is running out! Hauling the blocks of ice from the lake's edge would have been a job well suited for an ox or team.

Harvesting Ice with Oxen in the Jamestown Settlement
In 1954 the U.S.A. National Park Service commissioned Sidney E. King to make a
 series of paintings of early Jamestown. This is one of that collection.