Saturday, December 3, 2011

Tim Harrigan Posts Ox Logging Videos on YouTube

Tim Harrigan Photo Link
Tim Harrigan of Michigan State University (Biosystems Engineering) is Vice President of the Draft Animal Power Network (DAPNet), is on the Board of Directors of Tillers International, and is President of the Midwest Ox Drovers Association (MODA). He has posted several videos on YouTube about logging with oxen.

I’m gearing up to start cutting next years firewood so I found these videos to be of particular interest. Below are several links to some of Tim’s excellent work. There are more videos on Tim's YouTube Channel

(Oh to have firewood like that!)

Ox Logging — Pulling Down Widow-makers

This video is a link to Tim Harrigan’s YouTube Channel.

Firewood Skidding, and Cross Haul Stacking With a Team of Oxen

This video is a link to Tim Harrigan’s YouTube Channel.