Sunday, March 11, 2012

To Make a Single Ox Yoke, Part 18

Putting the Ox Yoke, Ox Bow, and Britchen Together

I have added a wide butt strap, made from an old fire hose, to protect from the sawing motion of the rope while walking. Also, a second rope around the butt and to the cart poles, to hold the cart back away from the ox.

The yoke tucks nicely into the shoulder sockets on the forward step.

Even pulling a heavier load the bow does not tighten under the neck. I have a lightweight S-hook at each side of the bow that will break-away if the yoke should slide back.

The hip bones hold the britchen harness in place. The eyelets on the yoke hold the reins apart giving me leverage to turn Scout's head. (Note: There is no bit, or nose ring, only a standard cattle harness, enlarged over the back of the neck with a soft rope.)

We're hoping for a summer of ox carting, and work, before Scout the Ox outgrows this thing!

A Yoke for a Single Ox
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Happy Ox Carting!
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