Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I Think I Saw a Reindeer

Xavia, a Hereford Heifer is being Prepared for Training as a Riding Cow
Photo used with permission of Samthesteerrider; Copyright Law applies.

This is a screen capture from a video just posted by Samantha, known better on her YouTube channel as Samthesteerrider and on the Riding Steers Forum as sam-e jo. You can watch her fun Christmas video here: Marry Christmas from Huckle Bery Hobby Farm :).  Samantha previously had a riding steer named Ferdy.

Horned Hereford cattle have long been favored in Nova Scotia for use as oxen. (Nova Scotians typically use head-yokes which require sturdy horns.) The breed originated in England. They are thought of in this country as a beef breed with most now being bred as polled animals (without horns). For oxen they are a popular breed to cross with the dairy breeds of Ayrshire, Holstein, or Shorthorn; these crosses carry the best draft animal characteristics of both breeds. Learn more about Herefords and other cattle breeds at this excellent web site: Oklahoma State University

Sleek Single Hereford Ox Pulling Oxcart in Nova Scotia c.1910

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