Saturday, April 3, 2010

Natural Hunting Instinct Makes Dogs Useful Hunting Companions

Die Eber-Jagd
Frans Snyders, (1579-1657) and Sir Peter Paul Rubens, (1577-1640), Artists
With all-highest permission of His Majesty the King of Barvaria
Château Royal à Schleissheim

 Hunting the Kangaroo
The Romance of Australia: Its Discovery and Colonisation, Adventures of its Explorers and Settlers,   Frowde

Hunter and English Setter
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Bear Hunting
Henry Thomas Alken,
George Arents Collection

Dogs Setting a Hare
Sir Edwin HenryLandseer, (1803-1873)
engraved by his brother Thomas Landseer

Le Chasseur de Lapin
André Brouillet
Le Figaro, Paris, France

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