Sunday, April 25, 2010

Spreading Manure

I've eliminated the up-over-the-top yoke altogether and added a push-bar in the front. This is much stronger. The strap over the top does the bulk of the work, the front bar keep it in place.

That's shredded-paper bedding mixed with waste hay and manure.
I used non-glossy, mostly white, shredded office paper; it brightens up the barn and absorbs a lot of moisture. Shredded paper works best if mixed with waste hay or straw to give it bulk. By itself it doesn't form a pack suitable for lying on.

We'll find out how quickly it decomposes in the pasture this summer..
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Harry Loves Ropes

Remember that red firehose?
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Training Ox to the Music of "Hungarian Dance No. 5: Allegro; Vivace"

Video by Amy.