Friday, May 17, 2013

Rosa Bonheur: Two Teams of Oxen Plowing

 Plowing in the Nivernais
Rosa Bonheur
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Monday, May 13, 2013

Scout the Ox Helping Prepare Tree Cuttings --- Herd-Mates?

What cattle do when they are not eating is hang-out together. When I have a portable project to work on I use the opportunity to give Scout the Ox some "herd" time.  It helps makes for a happy ox. Here I'm preparing willow tree cuttings for planting, with Scout looking over my shoulder.

Just as dogs are pack animals, cattle are herd animals. A healthy dog and a healthy cow both like a small circle of family and friends. When we people, by the use of fences, barns and kennels, take that away from them, I think it our due to provide some substitute. Scout's herd mates consist of me and Harry the Dog. As unlikely as two predators keeping company with a prey animal is, by my estimation, he seems quite happy with the arrangement. As a qualifier, I might add that these are two highly domesticated animals, I wouldn't expect this to work with say  --- a wolf and a white tailed deer, though, I am aware of  dogs being kept with lions. A further qualifier: I don't favor wild animals being kept
Good Friends-Lion and Dog
published 1893
Paul Friedrich Meyerheim, artist   and     Richard Brend'amour, engraver
Source: Mid-Manhattan Picture Collection

Saturday, May 11, 2013

1866 Oxen Ladies French Print --- Dorothy Goethe

Mother With Infant Riding in Ox Drawn Hay Wagon.  French Print
Dorothy Goethe 1866  L'Ilustration
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Scout the Ox and Your's Truly, Oklee, Minnesota, USA

Scout the Ox and Your's Truly

Oklee, Minnesota, USA --- Skyline View

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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Dog Escapes Pasture He Shares With Ox

Harry the Dog is not built for jumping or digging, but for a while now he has been showing up, on occasion, outside the pasture fence. I walked the fence line in the deep snow, looking for tracks that would tell me where he was getting out, but found none. One day watching from the house I saw him climb over the hay feeder. So I set up the camera, tempted him with his deer skin, and waited. It didn't take long before I got this video.