Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ox, Dog, Pony: Three is Company

Take away the pony, and now you have two. 
This threesome was a common sight in our pasture, however, with the help of a friend I have found a new home for Peaches the Pony. I was concerned Scout the Ox would gore her at the feed bunks this Winter; he gets pushy with his horns --- and she's spunky enough to challenge him.
She has gone to be with another horse, a horse-person, and a kid that wants to ride. It should be a happy circumstance for her.
I think Harry the Dog may miss her shenanigans --- she was pretty playful with him.  
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Dog Protects Pony?

I think that Peaches the Pony saw me coming but Harry the Dog didn't --- and he's suspicous of something unusual having entered his territory. At a year-old, he's still not too sure of himself; the livestock guardians we had with sheep didn't really come into there own as guard dogs until they were about two-years old.

^This Side Up! ^

 "Like This?" 
Copy cat kitten.

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