Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Team of Oxen Battle the Tide in 'The Golden Days'

Vol. XIII—No. 51             November 12, 1892.

Excerpt from

Matt and Natt's Venture

By Wm. Pendleton Chipman


     On examining the heap of seaweed, he became convinced that by loading heavily he could carry what remained in two loads.

        He therefore pitched away until in his judgment half of the heap was upon the cart. It made a big load, but the oxen were stout, and, bending their necks to the yoke, they, at Matt’s command, started slowly off. As he approached the narrow roadway, he noticed the tide had gained rapidly and was now sweeping over it with considerable force and depth.

        Jumping upon the tongue of the cart, he urged his oxen through the tossing waves. To his consternation, the water came well up around the patient animals’ backs, and had he not quickly scrambled to the top of his load he would have been thoroughly drenched.

        The cattle, however, raised their noses high as possible and plunged bravely through the flood, soon emerging on the other side with their load unharmed.

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