Friday, February 26, 2010

Job Description: Oxherd

He feedeth and nourisheth oxen, and bringeth them to leas and home again: and bindeth their feet with a langhaldes and spanells and nigheth and cloggeth them while they be in pasture and leas, and yoketh and maketh them draw at the plough: and pricketh the slow with a goad, and maketh them draw even. And pleaseth them with whistling and with song, to make them bear the yoke with the better will for liking of melody of the voice. And this herd driveth and ruleth them to draw even, and teacheth them to make even furrows: and compelleth them not only to ear, but also to tread and to thresh. And they lead them about upon corn to break the straw in threshing and treading the flour. And when the travail is done, then they unyoke them and bring them to the stall: and tie them to the stall, and feed them thereat.

from Mediaeval Lore from Bartholomew Anglicus by Robert Steele, 1860-1944 courtesy of

Riding Lessons

Kira became a bull rider at age two. She’s the perfect size to give Scout some early riding experience. (Relax. Grandpa was holding on tight.)
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Kid Time

Puppy “play” and more specifically “play biting” are healthy for a dog's social development; it helps to shape the puppy into an adult dog that can safely participate in give and take activities. Specifically, it helps the dog to learn to regulate his bite pressure. A dog who has not had this “play time” as a puppy could become a menace as an adult.

The grand-kids came to stay overnight the second week in January, and Levi obliged in providing some good, quality "playtime."

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