Saturday, March 24, 2012

To Make a Single Ox Yoke, Part 5

Transferring the Pattern

Using the two cardboard pieces that represent the front and back faces of my yoke, I will trace the patterns onto the wood block.

The trick here is to get the two patterns lined up and matched with each other --- when they are on opposite sides! Extending the ears of the yoke patterns all the way to the bottom edge of the block (top, in the picture)has helped me to do that. 

The lines (I have highlighted in yellow) illustrate the planned cone shape of the yoke-seat. The extended ears of the smaller pattern, on the opposite side, match up with these yellow lines as they cross the narrow, bottom side of the block at converging angles.

The yoke will be the width of my singletree.

Coming soon --- I'll make the rough-cuts in the yoke shaping process.
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