Monday, October 29, 2012

Skidding Trees with Single Ox Under Yoke

We skidded some small hybrid poplar trees out of the woods Saturday (October 27, 2012). The PVC pipe on the chains protects the ox's legs. The log chain is attached to the center of the evener.


ben dube said...

I love your videos. I've seen your ox in several different types of single yokes that are unfamiliar to me. Can you give any details on your choices and how you made these yokes?
You can contact me at dube ben 2 AT greenmtn DOT edu


LTD said...

I have put links on today's post, November 12, 2012; Ox Logging: Fitting and Using a Single Yoke, that will give you some detailed information --- as well as the link to TMHarrington. Tim lost one of his team of oxen and now uses "Will" as a single, apparently with good success. His video is good and his yoke is a variation of a traditional single ox yoke.

Both of the yokes I've given the links to are experimental in nature and both worked well. The first one tended to ride up over the withers and choke the ox if it wasn't adjusted just right. It was relatively easy to make, being made of standard dimensional lumber -- lumber scraps really. The second required a large bolt of wood and a higher degree of skill in the carving. I'm very satisfied with it whether Scout is pulling under load or running with the cart.