Sunday, October 21, 2012

Eager Ox, Ox-Cart Ride; Country Roads, Lakes, and Farms

Scout the Ox sets a fast pace. His constant companion, Harry the Dog, accompanies us as we explore some back roads and meet some horses and cattle. The location is northwestern Minnesota, USA.


Trish Short Lewis said...

Loved the meeting between Scout and the horses! Thanks for sharing. Oh, and GREAT JOB on the video - loved your perspectives like through the wheel and the shadows on the ground, etc. :)

LTD said...

Thanks Trish --- I wasn't sure what would happen with the horses as they were running loose and nobody (apparently) around. I'm glad they chose not to follow us.

Anonymous said...

Harlie knows Scout's name without me reminding her! She also said "I like Harry," and "Bump, bump, bump" when Scout started running. :-)