Monday, July 23, 2012

The Historic Pembina "Ox Cart" Trail

Experience a day on the historic Pembina Trail, otherwise known as The Woods Trail, one of the many branches of the Red River Ox Cart Trails. The trade route traditionally carried furs and buffalo hides from the Red River Colony (Selkirk) on the long journey to St. Paul, Minnesota. The ox cart trains consisted of several to hundreds of carts. The ox cart teamsters were a  colorful mix of peoples, primarily Metis, who are themselves of mixed race. Portions of the Woods Trail still exist in Red Lake County, Minnesota, near Huott and Dorothy. That is where I made this day trip by oxcart to capture a taste of what life on the trail might have been like. A follow-up video chronicles our stop at Old Crossing Treaty Park where we went for an evening swim after a hot day on the trail.


Music: Silver Spear
Album: Slainte
Group: Siainte
Source: Free Music Archive

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Trish Short Lewis said...

Wonderful post. I love driving the Pembina Trail, and getting out and taking it all in, walking a bit, listening to just birds and wind, and for a bit it feels like you're back over 100 years ago...

Trish Short Lewis said...

By the way, we're in Pennington County, not far off the Pembina Trail. Are you far from us?

LTD said...

Thank you. I agree, the trail is a tranquil place. We live on the east side of Red Lake County, so, pulling Scout's trailer, we are about an hour