Monday, March 19, 2012

To Make a Single Ox Yoke, Part 10

Carpenter's Chalk Test

I powdered Scout the Ox's Shoulders with carpenter's chalk-line chalk, before placing the yoke.

He pulled me around the meadow in the sled to apply some load to the yoke seat.

The yoke seemed too tight at the red X and interfered slightly with the shoulder movement.

It was tight to slip my fingers under at that location.

Let's have a look.
The chalk has rubbed onto the yoke at the pressure points.

The pressure at the apex of the yoke is good, but the ears are too low and tight as previously observed. I would rather see more contact above the solid curved lines.

I will shorten. . . .
. . . . and widen, the ears.

What's next?
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Gulland said...

That's a great trick with the carpenter's chalk

Anonymous said...

Neat way to figure out if it fit right or not - hard to know when Scout can't talk and tell you - kind of like when I'm trying to buy shoes for Harlie - I have no idea if they're fitting her right or what.

LTD said...

Next time you are shopping for shoes carry some powdered chalk in your purse. Well, maybe not!