Sunday, June 12, 2011

Jersey Steer Begins Cart Training as an Ox

Anuttama says Makani is a little over a year and a half old and weighs about 1050lbs.

She commented on my video, Hip-Hop Back to the Drawing Board in which Scout's early version of an ox yoke fell apart:

"I just hooked my little boy for the first time today and he was so good. Then we also had an incident: he slipped, fell on his side and broke a shaft! But he wasn't hurt and didn't freak out. I had to unharness him to get him up but then we reharnessed and pulled a drag so that the last thing that happened was good. Your Scout seems sensible, too."

Scout continues to amaze me with his lack of panic in surprising experiences.

Certainly for training on a light cart like this, the horse collar is working well. As you can see in the video they have turned the collar upside-down to make for an improved fit. It is recommended by ox drovers much more experienced than me, however, that a horse collar not be used for heavier work; the ox is likely to be uncomfortable and could develop sores. See also: A Horse Collar Doth Not an Ox Collar Make.

Thanks Anuttama for sharing your video on YouTube. We'll be watching for a progress report on Makani. Happy carting!

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Anuttama said...

Thanks for posting this, LTD. It is great to be in contact with someone else who is training a single ox. Here in the Pacific Northwest working oxen are so unusual that people driving by rubberneck when they see us on the road. And there is no support group for solving problems--I've resorted to calling teamsters on the East Coast when I have questions or using the forums. I do think I'll get Billy to make a wooden yoke. I like the look of the curved design, but it won't be as adjustable as he grows up. So perhaps I'll have Billy make one like yours with the promise of a beautiful carved one later:)