Friday, April 1, 2011

Ox Pulls Cargo Sled and Woodsplitter

When my lawn tractor had a flat tire, while I was splitting firewood, I went back to the garage and threw the jack and tools into the cargo sled. I hitched Scout the Ox to the sled and we went to retrieve the flat tire. I took along the forcart (pair of wheels) that I use when Scout pulls the garden cart.
In lieu of finding time to get a larger, wooden sled built, I had bought this rugged, plastic, cargo sled at the farm store as an intermediate size for pulling firewood from the woods. (It's proven itself useful for a variety of tasks.)

In this picture Scout the Ox, Harry the Dog, and I head back to the woodpile to retrieve the wood splitter. Hitched to the splitter, Scout the Ox did a fine job of pulling it back to the garage.

The next time I split wood, I skipped using the garden tractor and used Scout the Ox instead. At the woodpile I tied his lead rope to a piece of firewood, and he nibbled tall grass nearby while I worked.

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