Saturday, February 5, 2011

Traveling 1st Class in Northwestern Minnesota (via Ox Cart)

Single Ayrshire Ox Pulling Ox Cart with Wooden Ox Yoke
With all the tempting vegetation in the roadside ditches covered with snow,  it is a good time to get Scout the Ox used to the idea of me riding in the ox cart. In the summer he quickly learned that as soon as I got on the cart he could head to the ditch and grab a few mouthfuls of grass.....the little stinker!
Single Ayrshire Ox Pulling Ox Cart with Wooden Ox Yoke - Minnesota Winter
At -15 degrees F. (-26 degrees C.) Scout the ox grew a white beard and I an icy white moustache. On January 22 the sun sets about 6:30 PM CST,  but dusk lasts quite a while longer. 
Single Ayrshire Ox with Horns and Yoke - Exhaust
It was a beautiful, silent evening with stars beginning to show in the sky. The 5mph wind dropped off to near zero and the steam rising from Scout the Ox's breath  reminded me of the exhaust from an idling internal combustion engine. Getting the pictures and video without frost-bitten fingers was tricky though.

See in video format  --- 29 seconds.
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FP said...

Your blog is interesting. I had the great pleasure of visiting him.
Have a nice weekend.
Best wishes

LTD said...

Thank you.

Come back and visit Scout the Ox again.

(I see your blog has beautiful photography!)


Sarah said...

I like the "idling ox" :)