Sunday, March 13, 2011

Interspecies Behavior: Grooming & Affection (Ox and Dog)

Pit Bull x Newfoundland Dog Licks Ox's Nose
(Horned Ayrshire Steer)
Scout the Ox gets his nose washed. Though not terribly uncommon, interspecies behaviors always fascinate me. (see Interspecies Ear Washing)

Ayrshire Ox Grooms Dog's Face
Harry the Dog gets a face wash. Getting the video was a matter of being in the right place at the right time. I sometimes see this behavior at a distance from the window of our house. This time I had just finished shooting a video of putting the halter on Scout the Ox, and the camera was still on the tripod, when they started grooming each other.

Ayrshire Ox and Pit Bull Cross Newfoundland Dog
are Interspecies Companions
Harry the Dog is a herd replacement companion for Scout the Ox.  But, you might also say that Scout the Ox is a pack replacement companion for Harry the Dog  (just as people have been pack replacement companions for dogs throughout the centuries). The ox and the dog were raised together and they have a special interspecies affinity for each other.

Cat Edits Video on Computer
At the end of this three minute video you will see Squeak the Cat editing the video on the computer before publishing it to YouTube.

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Bitzi said...

LOL Smart Kitty! LM is worried about your computer screen.. :D

Douglas said...

Really cool! It's always good when creatures help each other out. Your cat's editing skills are indeed amazing!

Amy said...

Dean, Vella and Alex enjoyed watching this, and a couple other ox videos with us today! Fun!

Renee said...

We go to meeting with Amy ... She clued me into your blog... this video is delightful!