Friday, December 31, 2010

Ox on a Stick: Whoa. Get-up.

At just over a year Scout the Ox is doing well with Get-up and Whoa. But take a look (video below) at this team of three-year old Highland oxen!

The trainer of this beautiful team of oxen is doing an excellent job. He projects what dog trainer Cesar Millan calls calm-assertive energy.

More about this breed: American Highland Cattle Association
Comprehensive information on all cattle breeds: Oklahoma State University
Oxen commands demonstrated: Get-up, whoa, back, gee (right), haw (left), and head-up.

This video is from AnythingOxen's YouTube Channel
There is only one video posted there now, but we hope to see more.


Gulland said...

I really love what you are doing with Scout and Harry. Thanks for sharing your days so well and so often!

LTD said...

Thank you and you're welcome.

Stay tuned!

I wonder if you got your Jersey calf?


Anonymous said...

This Highlanders have such beautiful long horns.