Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cat and Dog --- Friends?

Is the cat okay? Yes.

Harry the Dog is now only allowed in the entryway --- and that --- only occasionally. Soapy, one of our two cats, seeks him out when he comes in. Maybe Soapy's not quite right in the head? (This is the orphan kitten that was reared (nursed) by a dog.)

Soapy never panics --- which may have saved his life more than once. Harry the Dog is a Newfoundland cross Pit Bull Terrier --- he seems to like the cat well enough, but he's a bit challenged in the affection department.


Sarah said...

That cat may be a little too trusting! He doesn't seem to mind the tough love though.

Bitzi said...

Critters...I don't understand 'em.
They are interesting tho. Weird cat...

LTD said...

They do keep life interesting!