Sunday, August 1, 2010

Dog Says, There's a Critter Under There

Harry the dog's been occupied for several weeks with some critter under the floorboards of the old granary. He's done a lot of scratching at the boards --- and barking. We can hear his scratching way up at the house. But lately he's just been hanging out there --- less scratching and barking, more worrying.

I investigate to see what he's up to. Something under the boards is making a desperate mewing sound --- and moving around. Sounds almost like a kitten. That's unlikely though. Sophia's the only cat around here. I get a crowbar and keyhole saw but can't find any easy access without destroying the granary floor. Better to let nature take care of her own.

Maybe the mother will come back. And maybe not. Life can be cruel. It sure does sound like a kitten. I mention this to Sherry --- maybe she should stick a bowl of milk in the hole under the north end of the building, just in case.

I'm back to mowing the grass.
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Patty Anderson said...

Oh nooooo! I'm on my way with a sawzall and a crowbar...stand aside! I'll save the kitten!!
Um, ah, Donnie says no.