Saturday, August 14, 2010

Kittens: Sophia and Squeak

Sophia, the bigger kitten, and Squeak, the smaller kitten, are not related. Sophia was the orphaned kitten, nursed by a dog, at my daughter's place in Nebraska, and Squeak is the hungry, orphaned kitten that Harry the dog found under the floorboards of our old granary (here in Minnesota).

So it is, that we have a matching pair of unrelated, orphaned kittens, that were born two states apart. Now how likely is that?
As a side note: When I was out in the pasture one day, Harry captured a third kitten. It was black with white paws, uninjured, and in good health. I set it over the fence and it quickly disappeared into the tall grass. My guess is that the mother cat moved her kittens from under the granary, and into the woods, to get away from the barking dog. (We still have never seen the mother cat.)
Somehow little Squeak got left behind, and when Squeak got desparately hungry, Harry brought him to our attention. Good dog Harry!
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Sarah said...

It sure didn't take long to get some cats back in the family :D They look cute together!

LTD said...

Yes, especially after my proclamation of, "No more house cats!"