Friday, August 27, 2010

Another Summer Evening Swimming with an Ox and a Dog

Scout the Ox on Country road.

Scout the Ox at Sunset.

Land of 10,000 lakes; this one happens to be a gravel pit.

Time for a swim. Scout the Ox, and Harry the Dog, both like the water. We got out over our heads, and then, guiding Scout by his halter I had him pull me along parallel to the shoreline. Ever dream of riding an Orca Whale? That's a bit of the feeling. With an ox you have to watch out for the beaters underneath; Scout has a powerful dog-paddle!
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Bitzi said...

LOL...who would ever have thought that an ox could do the dog paddle! Beware of those 'beaters'...

LTD said...

Yes indeed, one could take a real pounding if you got in the way!