Sunday, July 25, 2010


Yesterday I gave Scout(the Ox) a bath. I soaped-up one side of him with a bar of homemade soap, and laid the soap on the grass. I scrubbed him and rinsed the soap off with the garden hose. When I turned around to retrieve the bar — for soaping the other side — it was gone. Harry(the Dog) was licking his chops; under questioning Harry had a sudsy, soapy grin.

So Scout is washed on the Haw side, and rinsed on the Gee side. (I wonder if he’ll walk in circles now?)

Harry’s been drinking lots of water — I expect he’s in his rinse cycle.


Bitzi said...

LOL...good one :)
Like the new look...very appropriate.

Amy said...

Thank for the laughs!