Monday, April 12, 2010

His Only Friend
John Charles Dollman, (1851-1934)
from The Illustrated London News, 1875
The dog cares not his master’s esteem among men.

Teaching a Dog New Tricks
John Arthur Lomax (1857-1923) English

"Can’t Tell Him There’s No Fishn"
Henry (Hy) Hintermeister, (1897-1972), American

Victorin and His Dog
French aviator Victorin Garaix was born in 1890. He earned his aviators licence in 1912, and set a new altitude record of 7,328 feet in a bi-plane --- with five passengers. This photo of Victorin and his dog was taken in March, 1914; he was killed in action at about 24 years of age, August 15, 1914, in WW I.
U.S. Library of Congress
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