Monday, February 22, 2010

"Get Up!"

Training "get up" and "whoa" using long reigns.
I’m working on teaching Scout, the bull calf, to “whoa” and “get up.” In addition to pulling a ox cart I think it would be fun if he could be ridden. I’m preparing him for that concept while he is young and manageable. Cattle have a good memory and what he learns today should stay with him into adulthood.

When he’s in his pen, or we’re taking a break while out on a walk, I’ll occasionally stand over him in the riding position, bearing my own weight, but getting him accustomed to the idea. With this same thought in mind I’ve been teaching him the “whoa” and “get up” commands using a pair of long reigns clipped one on each side of his halter. I draw these together over his back with an iron ring giving the sensation of the reigns being directed from the riders position. I’ve been surprised how well he responds to a gentle tug for “whoa” and a shaking of the reigns for “get up,” along with the verbal commands.

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