Friday, October 8, 2010

Sprayed by a Skunk

How to remove the bad-smelling, odor of the skunk? The remedy is NOT contained in this old verse; it's actually much easier.

Bury, or wash, or rub as you will,
The scent of the skunk will cling to you still.
Harry the Dog has just taken a direct hit from the skunk and is trying to rub off the tear-inducing spray on the loose gravel.

It's enough to make a dog feel green! My secret to removing the smell of a skunk is time. Sherry, who has a keen nose, didn't even detect the smell on Harry the Dog when he came in the kitchen just 24-hours later. I wonder if his water-repellent, naturally-oily coat helps. With my border collies three days was sufficient --- so save the tomato juice --- the smell will dissipate on its own.

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